And so it begins…

I had a blog back in college.  And then I forgot it ever existed.

I wrote about how tough some of my classes were, how cute the boys were, how fun the party next weekend was going to be, how I didn’t want to go to work just a 3-hour shift – you know, the typical ramblings of a college student.  I kept this up for a few months, as all of my friends had blogs and we all thought we were oh-so-important that everyone wanted to know our life’s details.  After the honeymoon of blogging wore off I stopped writing.  And somewhere between the age of 18 and 26, I forgot it existed, until recently.

I changed jobs back in August of this year and it was one of the best decisions I made.  Yes, the previous job was rewarding, paid decently and was great experience for someone new in the field, but the benefits of the job were not worth the stress I endured.  In my new position I work normal hours, have an average workload and get paid fairly.  People asked me if I changed jobs for a pay raise and my answer is no, I changed jobs for a quality-of-life raise.

This all comes back around to this here blog I started up today. With the lower level of stress, I have more time to read and study the public relations field that I somehow happened upon between starting studying psychology in 2004 and now.  In some of my online PR research, I came across this gem:


And what better way to practice writing than keep a blog?  So here it goes! Time to get over the fears of sharing my thoughts and being judged, and jump in feet first (or is it head first . . . that seems more dangerous and yet much more exhilarating).


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