To blog…Or not to blog…

The first thing I realized after starting a blog: It’s more than just occasionally writing out your thoughts.

So yes, I’ve been a bad blogger.  I find that I either (A) don’t have anything to blog about or (B) don’t have time. They’re both excuses, so I need to remind myself that – stop finding excuses and just do it!

A) I THINK I don’t have anything to blog about, but do I actually? I’ve read that a good blog has a theme, but how do I narrow everything there could be to write about into just one category? (Everything to write about…Catherine…I thought you had NOTHING to write about.) Excuse A broken.  If I’m considering narrowing down my ideas, I need to start writing my ideas.

I'm so excited! I'm so...SCARED!

I’m so excited! I’m so…SCARED!

B) To quote a great historic television series: “No time?! There’s never enough time!” Jessie from Saved by the Bell begins her freakout on her addiction to caffeine pills. I don’t need to start taking caffeine pills in order to keep a blog, I just need to make myself a schedule.

So here’s to a new year, with hopes to maintain a blog!


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