Back to School

As an employee of The University of Southern Mississippi, one of the benefits includes up to two free classes per semester.

Free education? Yes please!

I’ve been at the university for about six months now, and feel comfortable taking on some new responsibilities.  This semester I’ve signed up for my allotted two classes – both of which are at night. It seems a bit overwhelming at first – there will be a lot of reading involved, but I think I can handle it.

The first thing I noticed: There are a lot more overachievers in graduate school than there are in undergrad.  I’m definitely going to have to step up my game to stand out, but I’m okay with that. I love the opportunity for open discussion among fellow PR-ers. A lot of my fellow classmates are also practicing public relations professionals (the night class kind of weeds out all of the kiddos), so not only do I have the opportunity to learn from my professors, but from my classmates as well.  Although that should have been the case in undergrad, you’d be surprised how many not-so-smart and/or lazy people make it through college.  Quite surprised.

We’ve also got some great books lined up for our required reading. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.  But that’s expected with anything new.


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