Keeping Social Media Separate

I’ve seen people make fun of Facebook users for using the #hashtag and talking to their @friends, and I too admit I’ve made fun of them as well.  This isn’t Twitter people – that stuff doesn’t work here.  Then the good angel on my left shoulder says “But Catherine…what if they use something like HootSuite, or have their accounts connected?”  Okay, that makes sense.  Now I make fun of them because they are #lazy.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, YouTube…they all operate differently.  Sure, you can connect them, but I think people who do are missing the point of the various social media outlets.  Twitter works best with short (often witty) statements. You can #hashtag to connect your post to a topic and tag your @friends. Facebook gives you more room to share a quick story, go into a little more detail and it connects your friends differently. You can tell the same story on all of your different social media outlets, but because of the platform they need to be told DIFFERENTLY.

Example Story: My dog ate my shoe.
Twitter: I can’t believe my dog ate my favorite shoes! @Eaglfan81, did he get yours too? #dogproblems #timefornewshoes
Facebook: I was having a fabulous day, until I came home and found my dog ATE, yes INGESTED, my favorite shoes. Ugh! Shane, hide your shoes! It’s time for some new shoes, and maybe a new dog.
Instagram: The face of a guilty party, right @Eaglefan81? #guiltydog
Blog: Yeah…too much to write here…but you get the point.

Quit being lazy. Use your social media separately.


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