Making a Run For It

Rock N Roll Half MarathonThis past Sunday, I completed by 3rd half marathon. I beat my personal record (finished in 2:22:57!!), my mom finished in her desired time, I saw a few friends along the race and overall we had a great time.

What was different about this race? I, Catherine Lott, was able to inspire people. A dear friend of mine attended the race with me – she woke up, got dressed, waited in the corral, heard the “get set – – – go!” and watched us make a run for it. She then hopped on one of the free shuttles to the finish line and watched runners, elite and slow alike, cross the finish line for about two hours before watching me cross. I got my medal, picked up my post-race snacks and met her where the after-party was taking place.

“Catherine,” she said, “I want to run a half-marathon.”

There are so many great things about running a race, I began to reaffirm her that she was making the right choice: It’s all about YOU; YOU’RE in control; you feel so ACCOMPLISHED after finishing a race; it makes you feel GOOD; and so on.  Of course there’s bragging rights, but that comes with anything.

This half marathon was another medal on my shelf, which I’m proud of, but I’m even more proud that my accomplishment lit a fire  under my friend for her to achieve something she’d never before imagined.  I’ll help her along her way, leading her to her first half marathon, hearing her struggles, lifting her up when she’s feeling down and celebrating each benchmark with her.  I look forward to posting with a great picture of my friend with her medal, with me by her side.

Let the training begin!

(Need a little more training inspiration? I wish I would have been there to see this at the finish line.)


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