The Power of LinkedIn

I know LinkedIn has been around for about 10 years now, but I believe I’m just now finding the real power in it.  I used to just see it as a “Business version of Facebook,” which I still define it as to people who don’t know about it, but I’m finding it’s much stronger than that.

What does Facebook do for you professionally? Possibly get you in trouble with an employer? Aside from simply having a presence on Facebook for an employer to stalk you with, Facebook doesn’t do anything for you if you’re in a traditional business environment.  LinkedIn, on the other hand, not only provides you with an outlet for an online resume and allow you to connect with other professionals in a professional setting, but you can write recommendations (basically resume references) and even better – people can write them for you as well.

I’m working to build my LinkedIn site and hope other people do as well. I’m writing unsolicited recommendations (yes, it’s a little self-serving, hoping others will do the same), connecting with professional connections I’ve lost touch with and writing updates (professionally driven of course – no one on LinkedIn cares that your dog is the cutest out there).  While it’s very important to be skilled in your industry, those connections you’ve made throughout the years never hurt.

More power to you, LinkedIn!

(Still sending love to all my other social media outlets!)


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