Your Professional Self Deserves an Award

I was working on an application today following a nomination I received for a state-wide recognition. Part of the application asked what honors and awards I had received. I realized there was a 3-year gap where I didn’t receive any awards simply because I didn’t apply for any.

Those 3 years were incredibly busy and stressful for me. I was so intensely focused on getting my work done and building up the organization; I did realize my personal life suffered, but what I didn’t realize was that I was also putting my professional self on hold. By not applying for any recognitions, I didn’t give myself the opportunity to possibly receive any and therefore there’s a sad 3-year gap on my vita.

This is my calling to you: While you’re juggling work, family, socializing and the million other tasks in your lineup, make sure you’re considering your professional self. When/If you leave your current job – what can you say you did for your professional self while you were there?

Catherine Carol Lott Spark Award

Proudly displaying my Spark Award of Excellence from Pine Belt PRAM – January 2013.

Looking for opportunities? While national awards can be expensive to apply for, state and local recognitions are likely available for minimal cost. In Hattiesburg, Pine Belt PRAM now offers the Spark Award ($25); in Mississippi, PRAM offers a PRism Award ($45); and in the Southeast US, SPRF offers Lanterns ($55). Your work is worthy of recognition! Make the effort for your professional self to put it out there and get the awards you deserve.


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