Quiz Up: Fun Games for Thought

One of my favorite pastime activities is to play games. I grew up on video games as a child – Old School Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy – we had it all. My older brother enjoyed the racing and fighting games, I always had a love for platform and puzzle games. To this day, my love for games still holds strong.

There will always be a heavy debate over videogames, arguing they make children lazy, it hurts their eyes, they gain weight, or they make them violent. But that’s another debate for another day. There are scientific studies which show the positive affects of certain types of games that enhance your brain power.

Lumosity is a big one that everyone’s always raving about. Their website boasts 13 studies and articles on how games affect cognitive development (of course it’s on their games specifically, but interesting nonetheless).

I recommend checking it out – but if you’re looking for something quick and on the go (and less serious)…

QuizUp is a very popular new gaming app for your phone. I was hesitant to download it, as I hate trivia. But one afternoon, while I was waiting on a meeting, I pulled up my phone to see what apps were popular and there it was, taunting me. I downloaded it and started browsing the categories. There are great ones in math, spelling, geography, history, classic literature, commercials (for those with a special interest in advertising) and so much more. Plus it’s free and you get to play with other people.

Get online and challenge me to a game of Spelling or Logos – I dare ya!


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