Employees Can Be Your Best PR

If you live in Hattiesburg, Miss. and have been out to see a movie in theaters, chances are you’ve come across this fine gentleman:

Chris Orr from Hattiesburg American

Image via Hattiesburg American

The Hattiesburg American recently published an article on the Grand 18’s doorman, Chris Orr. Chris loves his job, and it shows. He interacts with customers as they come in, changes up his routine regularly, and makes people smile as they’re walking into the movie theater.

And his timing couldn’t be better. You’ve just stood outside in line in the cold weather for 15 minutes waiting to spend $10 a person to go see a movie with a bunch of strangers that you don’t even know if you’re  going to like it or not. Then after that, you’re going to stand in line for another 5 or so minutes to spend what’s left in your wallet on some popcorn and a Coke (thank goodness I don’t have children to pay for yet). But in between there is a glimmer of joy – that joy is Chris Orr. As you enter the building and he takes your ticket he quickly notes which movie you’re going to see, does a brief scan of who you appear to be, and makes a joke or welcome based on his instinct. You smile, forget about your experience outside, and joke about Chris’s comment as you wait in line for food, distracting you as you pull out your wallet yet again.

That is good PR. And all it costs the movie theater is his wage.

How can you help your employees take notes from Chris to become your company’s good PR?


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