It’s Okay to Not Interview (Immediately)

I had never heard of Richard Sherman until this weekend. Now his name is coming out of everyone’s mouths, even those of us who don’t keep up with professional sports.

If you haven’t heard, Richard Sherman is a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks. He helped lead their team to the Super Bowl beating out the San Francisco 49ers. And he gave a horrible interview afterwards. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.

Screaming. Ranting. Name calling. Speaking out of context. Narcissism. He covered his bases in about 30 seconds.

Sherman responded with a great blog post after the event that you can read here. He fully explained the reasons for his response and to me it seems perfectly logical. But it doesn’t matter – that interview is all that many people will see, and it’s sad. Yes, Sherman was hyped up (who wouldn’t be?!), and we find out later from him that he had a minor altercation with a player from another team, but that doesn’t justify his interview. Had he been properly trained (another topic for another day), he would have known there are good times and bad times to step in front of a camera. It’s okay to say “I’m not mentally prepared to give an interview right now, can we revisit this in 5 minutes?”

Don’t decline – delay. Some might disagree, but I’d rather ask the reporter to give me a minute to collect my thoughts (and possibly miss an interview) than look like a fool on national television. You?


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