Juggling it all

When you work in public relations, you find yourself getting involved in everything. Part of the job is being social and staying connected with your community. Even when you’re off the clock. At times, it can be overwhelming, but everyone has their tricks to making it work. Me, I’m learning how to say no.

Just last week, I had to quit one of my commitments. I’m not a quitter, and I hated to quit, but it was time. I have served on my neighborhood association board of directors for four years. As the secretary, I was responsible for keeping meeting minutes, distributing the quarterly e-newsletter, managing the website and just overall keeping things organized. Since I joined that board, I’ve gotten involved in many more other groups, committees and projects. When I started to get stressed out, I knew it was time for something to go – but how do you decide?

While serving on my neighborhood board of directors was good for my neighborhood and in turn good for me, it wasn’t directly related to my career path. And that’s what mattered. When I first started out in my professional career, I was joining any and every group that would take me. But as I began to find my niche and get more involved, it became time to be selective. Since dropping the neighborhood board (and still feeling guilty about it), I’ve felt a lot less stressed. Of course I gave them due notice, and finished up the projects that were on my plate.

It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to quit.

In public relations, you’re going to find yourself juggling a lot of different tasks. At first, pick up all the balls and throw them around in the air. Enjoy the excitement, the business, the fun. But after a while, elect to juggle only those things that truly matter to you, and you’ll find yourself successfully juggling it all.


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