8 Nontraditional Exhibitor Tips

Earlier this week I participated in a conference by working my company’s exhibit booth. I’ve done many of these before, even use to coordinate a business expo – so I’ve heard (and shared) all of the traditional tips (don’t sit there and play on your phone, shake hands, smile, follow-up, etc).

While working the booth, I noticed many of my fellow exhibitors breaking some of the main cardinal rules, but I also noticed some new bad habits. So, I took this opportunity to live tweet what I observed and turn them into some new, fresh exhibitor tips.

So, here’s the lineup:

  1. Starting easy: Try not to look like you’re miserable. A smile or pleasant look is less likely to scare someone away
  2. If you must eat or drink in your booth be discrete. No one came here to watch you shovel a sandwich in your face.
  3. Don’t try to talk to every attendee. You may miss a real lead by stalking someone not interested nor a good connection. (Think quality over quantity.)
  4. Find out who you’re talking to before giving your spiel. Tailor your message to them.
  5. After setting up your booth, view it from all angles. Don’t let a display serve as a barrier.
  6. Observe the flow of traffic. Rearrange your booth to accommodate if necessary
  7. Max your booth staff at two per space. Unless you’re having a rave in your booth. Then #PartyOn.
  8. Down time? Meet your fellow vendors. You already have something in common, they may be a great connection.

Okay, so the first two are pretty traditional recommendations, but there were SO MANY offenders I couldn’t not post them.

What tips do you have for working an exhibit booth?


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