The benefits of an old school thank you note

When is the last time you wrote a handwritten thank you note?

Not an email. Not a text. A note signed by you, with postage, dropped in the mailbox that wasn’t printed from a computer.

If the answer isn’t within the last month, take yourself to the store, buy a package of note cards and start writing.

Hand written thank you notes, or even just notes of encouragement, go a long way – especially in the field of communications. Why?

No one does it anymore.
Thinking on the flip side, when is the last time you received a thank you note?

It makes you stand out from the crowd.
See bullet number one. If no one else is writing a thank you note, that means your note will really stand out.

It’s memorable.
See bullet numbers one and two. Because no one writes handwritten thank you notes anymore, it makes you stand out and therefore makes you more memorable.

It’s personal.
While it’s not a face-to-face communication or a phone call, it’s personal and lasting. That person can hold on to that card for as long as they need to to feel appreciated. I keep many of my thank you and encouragement cards in a box, and refer back to them every now and then just for a reminder that sometimes my work is appreciated.

It strengthens your relationship.
By taking the time and effort to hand write a thank you note, you’re telling that person that they’re important to you.

I once wrote a thank you note to someone for speaking at a luncheon. A few days later, she called me to thank me for the thank you card! What? She said it was so kind, in part because it took personal thought and time – something that is most valuable to all of us. She pinned it to her wall (physically, not like Pinterest) to remind herself how much of an impact handwritten notes can make, and to try to encourage herself to increase the practice. Now that’s an impact.

Now step away from your email thank you, go grab a thank you card and write someone a note!


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