Coincidence or Well Planned Marketing?

I visited the website today to look into creating an infographic for a Facebook post I’m planning to put out in a couple of weeks. The last infographic I created on the site was over a year ago. I get marketing emails about once a month from the company – I typically just scan them and hit delete.

Until today.

I visited the website and started looking at templates. About 30 seconds after being logged on the site, a new email popped up in my inbox from I honestly looked over my shoulder to see if one of their marketing team was peering through a window watching me work and clicking “send” on his marketing email. It was creepy.

Was that just a really good coincidence? Or is there a way to track site visitors and automatically send them an email when they log into your site?

If there is a way to do that, would you use it? Or would you be afraid your customers think you’re a creepy internet stalker?


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